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ADIVET (, was founded in 2003 and is a member of WGIN. The French association for green roofs and walls, ADIVET, groups major players of the green building industry (building and landscaping manufacturers and contractors, industry groups etc.). The action taken in recent years by the association and its members has particularly given green roofs an unprecedented boost in our country, with over a million square metres installed in 2011. Further, ADIVET is recognised as an organisation of reference in its field, and takes part in the preparation of French Industry Rules for Green Roofs and Terraces.

Newsletter, L'écho du bâtiment végétalisé n°23 et n°24




 Végétalisation de terrases d 'une masion indivisduelle  (Lyon 5è)

 Une réalisation de la société SAR'ETANCHEITE


 Végétalisation des terrasses d'une école maternelle (34) 

 Une réalisatIon de la société SIKA




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