Members of the Adivet association

List of ADIVET members, bodies which are committed to the promotion of green roofs to improve the environment which promote compliance with the Professional Rules on the design and construction of green roofs. 


1- Suppliers of complete green roof systems and green walls


logo axter

AXTER designs, manufactures and sells in 50 countries waterproofing systems made of modified bitumen, adapted to different types of construction (flat roofs, buried walls, civil engineering, buildings roofs). In France, AXTER sells global green roof solutions.

inventae vert

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Phone: +33 (0) 9 77 45 35 38+33 (0) 9 77 45 35 38 or  +33 (0)6 43 24 48 88+33 (0)6 43 24 48 88

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Phone: +33 (0) 4 70 46 85 00+33 (0) 4 70 46 85 00  Fax : +33 (0) 4 70 42 54 17


logo Ecovégétal

Ecovegetal has technical skills in the green roof field and places applies its know-how to the development of this process in France. To meet demand, Ecovegetal offers a wide range of green roof systems, both extensive and semi-intensive. More specific systems also allow green roofing systems to be designed that can be used on slopes of up to 60% in total safety. A qualified team is in charge of technical project monitoring.



Specialists in urban green roofing, Le Prieuré Vegetal i.D. has been developing and manufacturing innovative solutions for the creation of green roofs for over 15 years. Working alongside specifiers and waterproofing contractors, the Le Prieuré design office produces a customised study for each project, decides what the best technical solution is and provides on-site support during installation. Le Prieuré also offers original solutions for green facades and living walls.

logo Meple
MEPLE SA is a company in Canadian family group IKO, specialised in designing, producing and distributing waterproofing systems for roofs and flat roofs. Its Ikogreen department, which combines skills in the building field and in horticulture, is specialised in flat green roofs.

logo Novintiss

Novintiss specialises in the production and distribution of products for companies working in green spaces, the environment and aquatic gardens. Envirotiss is its brand that distributes the Covertiss green roof process. Our  partners, distributors, specialists in landscaping, horticulture, market gardening, nurseries and agriculture, are on hand to answer all your questions, whether technical or commercial.

logo Optigreen-Toitvert

Backed by the 40 years of experience of the Optigreen brand, one of the leaders in green roofing in Europe, Toitvert-Optigreen proposes a complete range of innovative, quality green roof systems and products, which can be adapted to every situation to meet the new challenges of sustainable construction. Extensive and intensive green roofs,  pitched roofs, green walls; the Optigreen technical department offers assistance and advice for each project, from design through to installation.


logo Sika Sarnafil

With over 20 years' successful experience in green roofs, Sika-Sarnafil offers flat green roof solutions combined with waterproofing membranes that meet environmental requirements. Production certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001. CSTB Technical Approval -


logo Siplast

For over 50 years, Siplast has been making and selling products for waterproofing flat roofs or foundations, cladding, roofing underlays, soundproofing. Its Graviland Service division is dedicated to green roofing.
logo Smac
A building envelope company: waterproofing for roofs and flat roofs, car parks, bridges, civil engineering structures, metal cladding and green roofs.

logo Soprema

Founded a century ago, the Soprema group designs, manufactures and sells a whole range of waterproofing, roofing, soundproofing and thermal insulation products. A pioneer in green roofs in France with the Sopranature process, it offers a very wide choice of extensive and semi-intensive systems, and services provided by a department dedicated to this activity.


2- Component suppliers


DUMONA is one of the leading French manufacturers of growing media, producing and selling 550,000 m3 every year. Thanks to its expertise in raw materials and rigorous manufacturing methods, DUMONA provides quality and consistency, in line with users' needs. Soil media for green roofs, extensive and intensive, have been part of DUMONA's range for many years.

logo-Everris Manufacturer of Osmocote, Everris has been the reference supplier of fertilisers for the horticulture, nursery and green spaces markets for many years. Thanks to innovative technologies, Everris develops fertilisation programmes for plant production and care. Our specialist team is here to listen to your needs and support you in implementing your projects.

logo de l'entreprise Falienor

For 50 years, Falienor has been formulating and producing growing media (substrates) for the French ornamental plant production and specialist garden distribution sectors. If you are looking for solutions for green roofs, flat roofs of walls, its design office will work with you to draw up the specifications suited to your future plantation.
logo fertil Based in the heart of the Vosges, FERTIL has been serving horticulture, nursery, market gardening and green spaces professionals for over 40 years.  Its flagship products are Fertilpot, a 100% natural biodegradable pot, Fertiss, a propagation plug, and high quality fertilisers:
 logo Hunter Industries, an international company, leader on the irrigation market for small and medium-sized green spaces, but also for sports pitches and golf courses. We now offer a complete range of adapted solutions for green roofs, both spray versions (MP Rotator solution) and subsurface irrigation mats (Ecomat), as well as a range of automatic controls: 24V or 9V or solar-powered. Website: http://

logo isover

Saint-Gobain Isover, leader on the insulation market for the last 70 years, proposes for green roofs a range of solutions adapted to each need (mineral wool, expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene).

logo knauf

In the green roof field, Knauf proposes insulation to go under waterproofing membranes and drainage panels. Discover the whole Knauf offer for roofing without integrated insulation.

 logo Leca Saint Gobain Weber, European leader in the manufacture of Leca® expanded clay granules, has now applied its know-how to the urban green roof industry. To meet these specific needs, Saint Gobain Weber has developed ranges of mineral products, qualified for use in sustainable growing substrates, rainwater regulation allowing a considerable reduction in the weight of green roof systems.
logo Nétafim NETAFIM is a distributor of irrigation equipment and systems for professionals (agriculture, green spaces, industry) et

Certified ISO 14001, 9001 and 18001, Nidaplast, based in Northern France, has been for 25 years, the designer of genuine extruded polypropylene honeycombs. Nidaplast Environnement offers ultra-light cellular-structured solutions for several markets, including rainwater management (storage, infiltration, pollution reduction and flow limitation solutions).


logo Terreaux Armoricains

Since 1987 TERREAUX ARMORICAINS has been a subsidiary of the FLORENTAISE group, French leader in manufacturing growing media. Today, TERREAUX ARMORICAINS produces and sells these brands: FLORENTAISE Pro (for horticulture, nurseries and market gardening, green roof solutions); TERRE & NATURE (composts, straw mulches, fertilisers and organic amendments for green spaces)


 3- Installation contractors (waterproofers and landscapers)

 logo Actuel Paysage  Situated in Champagne-Ardenne, Actuel Paysage deploys its skills in the fields of the creation and maintenance of green spaces. We create constructions for private and public customers combining vegetable and mineral, timber decking, furniture installation, play equipment and fencing. Our skills also extend to the installation of green roofs. Actuel Paysage 8 rue Marie-Louise Burgert 51100 Reims – Tel.03 26 08 20 6803 26 08 20 68
logo 2013

Situated in the Midi Pyrénées Region, our company specialises in the creation and maintenance of green spaces and follows a sustainable development approach, offering all its private, professional and institutional customers green roof solutions adapted to each project.
Phone: 33(0) 6 76 76 41 17


A landscape creator and decorator since 1992, Combier Paysage creates contemporary, zen or traditional style green roofs for small or large surfaces in

Logo Dynergis

Situated in the Paris region, Dynergis has been, since 1992, one of the pioneers in France to take an interest in developing Urban Ethnobotany through green roofs in France. Dynergis is specialised in the production, supply, installation and maintenance of plants and processes adapted to specific roof and building conditions.

logo Gec Générale d'Etanchéité et de Couverture Ile de France is a waterproofing company whose interventions have benefitted from numerous certificates of competency. Whether for new-build or renovation work, this SME is a specialist in building envelopes and roofing.


Based in the Rhône since 1984, ECEC is specialised in renovation on all supporting materials (concrete, steel and timber). Since 2005, ECEC has been providing individualised solutions with the support of a design office for all types of projects on flat roofs. Main customers: co-ownership agents, private individuals, town halls and social housing bodies, etc. ECEC Etanchéité: 27, chemin de Chiradie - 69530 BRIGNAIS. Tel 0478054333 / fax 0472310387


logo Emergence

Emergence, based in the South West and the Paris region, specialises in jobs where access is difficult, particularly vertical gardens and safety at heights. We have decided to expand our skills into green roofs in order to become the key partner for difficult situations.
logo Epiphyte ÉPIPHYTE, created in 2009, is based in PESSAC (33600). Épiphyte designs, installs and maintains green roof systems and green walls that are environmentally-friendly and consume little water.
Épiphyte also installs EPDM and TPO waterproofing membranes suitable for receiving green roofs. -" -
tel. 06 72 19 73 8906 72 19 73 89

logo Etphobat

ETPHOBAT (Etanchéité Phocéenne du Bâtiment), created in 1993, is based on the banks of the Etang de Berre lake at Rognac in the heart of the PACA region in the South of France. Specialised in insulation and waterproofing, we have been involved in installing green roofs since our beginnings. We have taken an interest in and began installing green walls over two years ago. We invite you to visit our website:


logo jardin de Gally

Situated in the Paris region, Jardins de Gally, a family firm created in 1972, is one of the leading companies specialising in landscaping for companies and public places. From design by an integrated design office through to maintenance, we offer all it takes to meet all your needs - Ferme de Vauluceau - 78870 Bailly - Tel: 0139632020 -


4- Research and training organisations, associations and federations

 cstb logo quadri  

logo Cimbéton

Cimbéton's mission is to publicise technical progress in cement and concrete in all sectors of construction, the building industry, public works, civil engineering.
Cimbéton: 7, place de la Défense. 92974 Paris-La-Défense Cedex - Tel: +33 (0)1 55 23 01 00+33 (0)1 55 23 01 00 / Fax: +33 (0)1 55 23 01 10 - E-mail: -

logo csfe

CSFE (the French waterproofing federation)
6/14 rue la Pérouse - 75784 Paris Cedex 16 - Tel: 01 56 62 13 2001 56 62 13 20 - Fax: 01 56 62 13 21 - E-mail:



French Federation of Landscape Architects 

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Phone: +33(0) 1 30 21 47 45+33(0) 1 30 21 47 45

logo Unep

The UNEP (National union of landscapers) is the only professional body to represent landscaping firms who are specialists in green roofs. These companies are the partners of all those who, in both the public sector and the private sector, participate in improving the quality of the living environment. They are there to make the best of and ensure the successful development of your landscaped facilities.


The ARRDHOR CRITT Horticole was created in 1989 in Rochefort sur Mer and applies its skills to four main areas: organisation of the horticultural sector in its region, research and innovation, in particular with a research and innovation programme on extensive green roofs, engineering in the greenhouse construction field, expertise in the horticultural sector and economic and industry-specific studies.

logo Synaa

The SYNAA (professional federation for integrated automatic irrigation for green spaces and sports grounds) was created on 23 January 1981. Its purpose is to bring together all the professionals involved in automatic irrigation: installers, design offices and suppliers. The main values it defends are these: professionalism and respect for the





 5 Assessement and advice

 logo Nova Réa

NOVAREA is a laboratory and technical inspection body specialised in sports grounds and infrastructures and urban and other landscaping. Our multiple skills enable us to combine laboratory studies (characterisation, validation, compliance of materials and manufactured products) and tests and inspections on site. We work all over France, on sports grounds for major sports (football, rugby, …), race courses, golf courses, as well as tram networks and green spaces.